Tuna Fishing Industry Monument

There is still room on our beautiful “Tuna Fishing Industry Monument” to honor your special fisherman, but spacing is limited to approximately 40 names left! Don’t miss out to engrave their name with pride to remember there service and dedication to the industry. If you are interested in honoring those that gave, or those still giving their livelihood to the tuna fishing industry please see the application for criteria and questionnaire.

A select number of names are available to purchase for inscribing as well as floor pavers. A criteria is required as well as a history questionnaire form to qualify. Please see application for criteria and questionnaire.

If you are interested in honoring one of your ancestors or relatives please contact:Donna Calhoun at (619) 701-4056 /  e-mail at fsurules99@yahoo.com or Therese Garces at (619) 726-6685 /  e-mail at theresegarces@gmail.com.

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